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Our Solar System



For Teachers

25 Hands on Activities

Our Solar System (grades1-3)

Surfin Through the Solar System

Exploring Our Solar System

The Solar System - Evolving, Revolving, Rotating (7th grade, several)

The Solar System (8th grade, several)

How old are you on other planets?

Members of our solar system UNIT

Spinning into Space

8 planets plus Pluto (in ppt format) 

Surfing the Solar System 

An Exploration of the Planet Mercury (via the Messenger)

Why do we call the water - Planet Earth?


The Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics of the Solar System

Planetary Geology UNIT (223 pages, pdf download, NASA)

Many (NASA) 

See Also: Outer Space

For Kids

Interactive Science Games & Activities for Kids


Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

Free iPad Apps for Kids

Free Clip Art




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